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Local Trails

Our 5 Favorite Places to Bike with Your Family

Stop by Orange Cycle to get your bike tuned up and head out to one of these 5 awesome places for a family ride.

At Orange Cycle, we’ve been riding, selling, and servicing bikes in Orange CA since 1969. In that time we’ve seen cycling become a very popular hobby for people with all different fitness levels. If you’re looking for a new place to get out and ride with your family, try one of these 5 favorite places to ride.

Santa Ana River Trail

The Santa Ana River Trail stretches for 28 miles between Huntington Beach and San Bernardino, with plenty of access points along the way. The trail is nicely paved, completely protected from cars, and mostly flat, making it an ideal choice for families looking for somewhere safe yet interesting to bike with young kids. There’s plenty of greenery and wildlife to enjoy, especially on weekdays when the trail tends to be very quiet.

Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park

This one is great for families who want more of an adventure. The park has 18 bike trails ranging from beginner to technical. Take the trail to the “Top of the World” for an awesome view of the ocean, and don’t be afraid to walk your bike if the terrain gets too steep for you—uphill or downhill.

Upper Newport Bay Trail

Looking for a trail that feels wild and scenic without being too strenuous? This is the trail for you. It’s about 10.5 miles long but has two access points so you can have a shorter ride if you like. Plan to start your ride at the Newport Bay Conservancy’s Interpretive Center for some exhibits and activities kids might enjoy, as well as to get information on the many different species of birds you may see on your ride.

Limestone Canyon & Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park

There are 15 bike trails here, offering a mix of rugged and smooth rides. The best time to ride here is in the spring, when the wildflowers are blooming. This area is in recovery from the 2007 wildfire, so there are lots of open areas where flowers thrive. If you’re feeling especially athletic, several trails offer interesting climbs with views of Catalina as your reward.

Live Oak Canyon Trail

This trail in O’Neill Regional Park offers a little something for everyone in the family. Those who don’t want to ride can enjoy the natural trail near the biking trailhead. Experienced bikers can tackle the steep, technical trail while those wanting a more relaxing ride can choose to bike along an old paved road. There’s a nice view just past the top of the road. Then, if you want, you can press onward to the lookout point for a view of the ocean.